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Angelica Prescod is a forward-thinking legacy builder who empowers the community with purpose development and strategy. A business coach and motivational speaker that provides actionable advice to disrupt the norm and change the future. Prescod, leading through her own experiences, teaches how to rest within success by being able to move forward in the things that you do well without applying pressure, anxiety, worry, or fear. She believes everyone can win.


A Panama City, Panama native Angelica grew up with humble beginnings. However, her mother, the first black female captain in the Panama Canal instilled in her that she can do anything she is willing to pay the price for, that there’s a fee for excellence. This guidance has assisted Prescod in reinventing herself and pursuing success through adversity. Angelica’s mother would soon succumb to a battle with cancer while she was a preteen. 


With a burning desire to learn and help others, Angelica pursued a career in medicine while in Panama. She achieved her goal to serve while overcoming her fear of not having the resources to sustain her foundation. In moving to the States, she promised her father who was fighting stomach cancer that she would carry on in excellence and continue to build the family legacy. In fulfilling this promise, she pivoted her career path in ways that made even more global impact than medicine would have allowed.


Working with mentors and coaches has accelerated Prescod’s growth exponentially. Under the tutelage of her advisors, Angelica was able to dream beyond any set limitations and replicate the disciplines that led them to success. The student has now become the teacher. Angelica now creates a space for her mentees to recognize their areas of opportunity without judgment and recognize their strengths without cockiness. She believes the benefits of coaching and mentoring are igniting the fire or giving more air so that fire is even more powerful within a person‘s heart. She lives for the aha moments when things start lining up and making sense for each person she speaks to. Seeing genuine fortitude and strength develop, confidence get stronger, wisdom increase, and forgiveness to themselves on any shortcomings that occur.


Angelica Prescod is an Excelerator. She assists those who have achieved career success, yet they still feel like their lives are lacking depth. Through strategic partnership, she challenges them to tap into their innermost desires. Creating a legacy mark that will last for generations to come. Angelica believes behind every set of eyes there’s a mind brilliant enough to change this world for the better, forever. She aims to accelerate the opportunity of this moment happening.

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